You only have one chance to make a good first impression 

I can take decent photos. But as you can see the photo on the left that I took is okay but it doesn't show off the living nearly as well as the professional photo on the right. Few would object to the one I took but I admit it doesn't have the same impact as the one on the right.

The first home I sold at the beginning of my career was a four bedroom home in Winston Park of Coconut Creek. It was a nice home with a pool. I hadn't made a dime yet in real estate but I hired a professional photographer to take the pictures and create a virtual tour. The original asking price was $425,000. The price was dropped to $410,000 about a month later and I got a offer for full asking price!  And this was just after the market began its huge decline. After the closing I learned that a key factor in the buyers choosing the home were the beautiful professional photos and virtual tour I provided.

The couple who bought it lived in Texas and went back home after viewing homes in Coconut Creek. The pictures they had of my listing cemented the choice for them because it helped them visualize living there. The others they had to refer back to, didn't. Ever since then I hire a professional whenever it is practical. 

In the above case the photographer and I were standing in almost the same location when these photos were taken. As you can see the home, pool and deck look bigger and more livable in the photo on the right.

A professional uses the correct wide-angle lens that enhances the view of rooms without making them look small. A pro also knows how to frame a photo correctly at its proper angle and lighting. I recall a listing of a small one-bedroom condo I had on the beach. It was only 720 square feet. It was in very nice condition and the photographer made it look like a small palace. Despite it being priced very optimistically in my opinion, it sold in about 6 weeks to a couple from Colorado who bought it sight unseen. They did have some friends come by and check it out for them and give the okay.

The purpose of the listing photos is to get prospective buyers to come view the home. I doesn't take much to make a home more inviting. Just hiring the right people with the right equipment. Snapping a bunch of pictures with you Iphone just doesn't cut it. 

Awesome homes deserve awesome photographs.



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