For Sale By Owner

Sept. 22, 2017

For Sale By Owner - Tips From A Pro Part 4 Closing Day

All kinds of logistical problems can come up as you approach closing day. You may not know for sure whether the financing will come through for the buyer until the last minute. That can certainly make it difficult to plan for movers and the like. Hopefully that doesn’t happen. Always ...

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Sept. 22, 2017

For Sale By Owner - Tips From A Pro Part 3 Getting To Closing.

Part 3 Getting to Closing

 Handling Offers 

Based on what you know about the value of your home you should already be prepared with three different values before you get started. 

- Best Case price

- Mostly likely price

- Reserve price, or drop dead, no way I’m going below ...

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Sept. 22, 2017

For Sale By Owner - Tips From A Pro Part 2 Marketing Your Home

Part 2 Marketing Your Home

Marketing is the activities you do to make potential buyers call you to view your home. Selling is the the activities you do face to face with the buyer, like pointing out features and benefits. You can't do much selling until the buyers arrive ...

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Sept. 22, 2017

For Sale By Owner - Tips From A Pro

Here is one quick story before I get into the selling tips. I understand the mindset of the homeowner that wants to try to sell their home on their own and save some money. Before I got my real estate license and got into this crazy business I tried to ...

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Aug. 29, 2017

Bad Agents Take Bad Pictures - The Worst From The MLS

The Worst From The MLS

I shake my head everyday when I look through the MLS listings and see bad pictures like these below. Taking a decent photo isn't that hard.  Unfortunately, it is one skill many agents don't take the time to learn, much less master. The ...

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Aug. 10, 2017

What To Repair If You Are Selling Your Home

Major Renovations Typically Will Not Net You More Money

If your kitchen and bathrooms were last remodeled in the 80's or 90s, or are even older, you may be tempted to updated them to make your home marketable. While it will make your home more attractive and easier to ...

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Aug. 8, 2017

Good Pictures in a Listing Make a Big Difference. That’s why I Hire a Pro.

 You only have one chance to make a good first impression 

I can take decent photos. But as you can see the photo on the left that I took is okay but it doesn't show off the living nearly as well as the professional photo on the right. Few ...

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Aug. 1, 2017

7 Factors Home Sellers Overlook When They Try To Sell Without An Agent

Trying to sell a home can take a lot of time. Without the experience it takes a seller could waste countless hours and still not be successful. 

Even in a sellers market not every home will sell. Poor pricing, marketing and follow through will likely end in failure. An ...

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July 13, 2017

5 Common Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid

It is easy to go astray if you are selling your home on your own. Even if you hire an agent mistakes can be made. Especially if you hire the wrong one. Here are 5 common mistakes home sellers make.

1. Don’t pad the price too much. Price it realistically ...

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Dec. 23, 2016

The Best Time For Selling Real Estate in Florida

The Best Time For Selling Real Estate in Florida

If you are considering selling your home in Florida, you maybe be asking yourself - what is the best time for selling your Florida home. Can I time the market or does it even matter in my situation?

It makes sense to ...

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