The Worst From The MLS

I shake my head everyday when I look through the MLS listings and see bad pictures like these below. Taking a decent photo isn't that hard.  Unfortunately, it is one skill many agents don't take the time to learn, much less master. The purpose of posting pictures on the MLS is to entice potential buyers to want to go see the property.  Good photos are elementary to marketing a home.  Maybe it's time some of these agents got fired.

I have a few rules I follow such as

  • Keep people and pets out of the photo
  • Don't point the camera at windows or glass doors. You just get a dark image
  • Take photos when the sun is shining. Turn on all the lights.
  • Get as much of the room in the picture as possible
  • If a picture isn't showing a positive element, leave it out of the listing
  • After taking pictures use an image editor to lighten them up. It only take a second. I do this with every shot I take.
  • Do like I do most of the time. Just hire a pro.
Bad MLS photo   Nice refrigerator! Did you get it at Sears.
This is actual size. The icon in the right hand corner shows it came right off Google maps. The agent couldn't be bothered to go to the property Bad MLS photo
Bad MLS photo    I'm as confused as you are.

Sweet, the house comes with a punching bag.  


Bad MLS photo
Bad MLS photo

  Hey cool, the house has indoor plumbing!

Unless your bathroom is a show piece it is better to leave them out of the listing

The kitchen looks like it might be nice. But this photo does nothing for it. 

Bad lighting, bad framing. 

Bad MLS photo
Bad MLS photo   I have nothing good to say about this one either.
Another Google maps photo. The ultimate in laziness, and wouldn't an aerial photo make more sense? Bad MLS photo

Pictures through screens almost never come out well.  

The further away from a screen you get the better the photo will be.

Bad MLS photo
Bad MLS photo See what happens when you point the camera at the sliding glass door? Too bad, it looks like there might be some nice hardwood floors.
It's the maid's day off. Bad MLS Picture 12
Kitty photobomb Kitty the Photobomber
Are the walls really curved? No, it's not a Fun House, its a cheap fisheye lens.  I can't believe agents actually use these. Fisheye lens

The dreaded time-stamped photo. Now everyone knows exactly how long it's been on the market.

This photo also shows the spectacular views of the parking lot!

Time stamped photos in MLS

Why take a picture of the carport though the jalousie window? I see its raining. Probably should have come back when the sun is out. To top it off this active listing is time stamped from over a year ago.

Taking pictures at night is so wrong. It's only right when the home has some attractive exterior lighting to show off. In that case a night time photo can be added to the photos taken in good light. This also has a time stamp. Bad MLS photo
This house has a view of the moon This house has a million dollar view of the moon, imagine that. This agent actually had TWO pictures of the moon in the listing.
The same agent who loves the moon had this out of focus photo of the sink, coffee machine and dish rack. The kitchen sink

What do you think? Should these agents be fired? It's possible they were, because most of these photos came from expired listings . They didn't sell, no surprise there.  I will be adding more as I come across them.


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